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Welcome to the Class of 2006 Senior Theses page! Below you can read the research projects done on myriad topics.

Democratic Manifesto
by Brian Roizen

An Open Market for Human Organs
by Daniel Freeman

Shameful Measures
by Kevin Yamazaki

Mental Perfection
by Thomas Norminton

You are Beautiful
by Naqeeb Stevens

Malady or Malaise
by Sean Daneshgar

A Whole New World
by Kelly L. Gleischman

The Peaceful Rise of a Growing Threat
by Charlie Martin

by Fernando Garcia

You Can Twist and Shout, but Don't Do Drugs: An Exploration of how The Beatles Can Keep Teens Off of Drugs
by Drew Goldblatt

China Takeover
by Danny Steiner

Our Future in Space: An Exploration of Earth’s Inevitable Fate and the Future of Humankind
by Daniel Fine


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